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February 15, 2018

SCALE MYTH #4 - SCALE is an abridged program and doesn't cover all of the core legal concepts.

By: H.S. Hart - First posted in Spring 2018
(Part of a series of articles regarding SCALE Myths)

SCALE's curriculum progresses at a slightly more rapid clip than other programs, but all J.D. candidates share the same ABA and Southwestern graduation and bar requirements.

The keyImage-87 to this myth is the number 87.  

Eighty-seven is the number of units needed to graduate from any of Southwestern's J.D. Programs.  Two-year SCALE students start school earlier in the year (June) and attend summer school between years one and two. Their courses are divided into trimesters but the total number of course instruction hours (87) is identical to

traditional day and part-time students.

MYTH: SCALE is an abridged program and doesn't cover all of the core legal concepts.

All Southwestern J.D. candidates must successfully complete 87 units to graduate.

Read more about Southwestern's Graduation & Bar Requirements.

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