Special Scholarships for Entering Students

All accepted first-year J.D. applicants are considered for Wildman/Schumacher Scholarships, and all accepted first-year concurrent-degree program applicants are considered for Law and Business Scholarships.  If you have any questions regarding these scholarships, please contact the Admissions Office.

NOTE: A student may not receive scholarship funds from Southwestern in excess of current tuition.

Wildman/Schumacher Scholarships

Southwestern awards a select number of merit scholarships providing up to full tuition to entering J.D. students who have demonstrated exceptional academic promise. Criteria for these scholarships include strong undergraduate grade point average and Law School Admission Test scores, leadership potential and other outstanding personal accomplishments, among other factors. Awards are renewable for students who meet the continuing academic performance requirements.

Based upon a review of the information submitted in their admissions application files, ALL accepted first-year J.D. applicants are considered for Wildman/Schumacher Scholarships. Students do not need to submit a separate application for this scholarship.

Eligibility Rules

The Wildman/Schumacher Scholarship is a merit scholarship awarded only to entering students based on undergraduate grades, LSAT score, letters of recommendation, and other factors the scholarship committee may wish to consider. For detailed information about eligibility please look at Wildman/Schumacher Eligibility PDF (in sidebar).

Renewal Rates

This chart details the renewal rates for the three most recent classes as they moved on to their second year.

  2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018
Awarded 87 107 106
Kept 51 59 60
Lost 36 48 46
% Kept 58.62 55.14 56.60
% Lost 41.38 44.86 43.40


General LL.M. Program Scholarship

Southwestern awards up to five General LL.M. Program Scholarships each semester, providing partial tuition to entering General LL.M. students. Scholarship determination is based on the admissions application, including an applicant's interests and goals as stated in their personal statement, their professional experience and law school grades, letters of recommendation, and other factors the admissions committee may wish to consider. No additional materials are required. All admitted students will automatically be considered for the scholarship.

General LL.M. students selected to receive the scholarship award are notified prior to their start of the the program. Scholarships are not payable directly to the recipients, but are set off against tuition costs.

NOTE: Partial scholarships are described as those that are not intended to pay full tuition. Partial scholarships will be awarded as 10%, 20% or 30% of the tuition for the first 24 units attempted. Units taken on-campus during the summer and January Intersessions will be covered. Units taken in an abroad program will not be covered by this scholarship.

General Provisions

  • Leave of Absence: If a student goes on an approved leave of absence, the scholarship will be reinstated providing the student returns to the General LL.M. Program at the approved date or earlier, and is still eligible for the scholarship. If the student fails to return at the approved time, the scholarship is canceled in perpetuity.
  • Leaving School: When a student voluntarily or involuntarily withdraws, any unused amount of the student's scholarship is reduced in prorated proportion to the expiration of the term. For example, if a student leaves the law school with only 25% of the term having expired, only 25% of the scholarship will be applied toward that student's tuition and the remaining 75% will be returned to the scholarship fund. Once 60% of the term has expired, the full scholarship will be applied toward the tuition without any proration.
  • Revocation: The scholarship may be revoked at any time because of any breach of the Student Honor Code, pursuant to determination made in accordance with the procedures for Honor Code violations.
  • Withdrawn Scholarships: If the scholarship is withdrawn, the student may still continue with the currently enrolled course(s), but must pay the full tuition due. If, however, the student does not wish to continue with the currently enrolled course(s) after the scholarship is withdrawn, the student must drop the course(s) and pay any amounts due as explained under "Leaving School" above.
  • Incomplete: If a student takes an Incomplete in any one course, the scholarship will be withdrawn until the student finishes the course and the Incomplete is replaced with a grade. The scholarship, however, will not be paid retroactively for a prior semester.
  • Admission Deferral: If a scholarship recipient requests and is granted a deferral of admission, the scholarship is not deferred unless approved by the Director of the General LL.M. Program, in writing, at the time of deferral of admission.
  • Appeal: Should any of these rules be found to be ambiguous, contradictory, or in error, the other rules shall remain in full force and effect. The Assistant Dean of Financial Aid along with the Director of the General LL.M. Program will interpret these rules. If the scholarship recipient wishes to appeal the decision of the Assistant Dean of Financial Aid or Director of the General LL.M. Program, the student may appeal to Southwestern's Vice Dean.
  • Other: Southwestern reserves the right to replace any or all of the scholarship funds with any other scholarship funds it chooses so long as the total eligible amount is not decreased. The terms and conditions of any replacement scholarship will not be more restrictive than the original scholarship.
  • Changes: Southwestern reserves the right to amend, clarify or update these rules from time to time.