Introduction to Legal Writing


A Seminar for Pre-Law Students

Admitted Students may find detailed information on the Introduction to Legal Writing Seminar on the Portal (log-in required). Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions regarding accessing the portal.

The Introduction to Legal Writing Seminar at Southwestern provides pre-law students with a head start in their legal education. Serving as a bridge between undergraduate education and law school, the program provides students with the opportunity to practice writing in an intellectually demanding, but pressure-free law school environment. The seminar provides an extensive introduction to legal writing and other skills necessary to succeed in law school.

In the Introduction to Legal Writing Seminar, students receive personal attention and regular feedback on individual assignments. In the course, students begin learning the fundamentals of legal reasoning and analysis. Classes will teach students how to write case briefs, legal memoranda, and law school exams, thereby reducing the anxiety many feel upon entering law school.

Comments from Past Participants

  • "The Intro to Legal Writing class has been in a word 'excellent!' I can't imagine how someone could start law school without the benefit of a course like this."
  • "I feel that I am better equipped to enter law school now that I have taken the Legal Writing class."
  • "I highly recommend this class to all pre-law students. Having been exposed to the intensity of the Legal Writing course has given me a taste of what law school will be like."