Student Organizations

The extraordinary backgrounds, interests, and affiliations of our students are reflected in our slew of extracurricular activities, where they can hone their skills and stay connected to the community.

The wide spectrum of student organizations includes the Student Bar Association, law fraternities; ethnic, cultural, religious and political groups; and associations for different areas of the law. These groups offer support and mentoring programs; sponsor workshops, volunteer and networking opportunities, community outreach projects, cultural and social events, interscholastic competitions, and hundreds of speaker presentations each academic year. 

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  1. Student Bar Association

    The Student Bar Association (SBA), to which all students automatically belong, is the official representative of the Southwestern student body. In this capacity, the SBA is the umbrella organization for all student organizations and works to address the needs of students through coordination with those organizations.

    Southwestern's SBA has been recognized several times as "the most outstanding student bar association" in the region and nation by the American Bar Association/Law Student Division. The Association has also been named "SBA of the Year for the Western Region" by the National Student Bar Association.

    The SBA sponsors and coordinates various opportunities for professional and social networking, alumni engagement and community service. Through the Board of Directors—which is composed of the elected Executive Board, Class Representatives and Directors for different Committees—they work to promote student interests and provide extracurricular activities for the student body through its own activities and the activities of the various Student Organizations. The SBA encourages all Southwestern students to participate in these programs in order to better the Southwestern community and greater Los Angeles.

    Current students interested in participating in the SBA, one of its Committees, or any student organization may find their contact information on the Portal (log-in required), then click on the document titled "Student Organization Contact List."

    2021-2022 EXECUTIVE BOARD

    • President - Angelique (Angel) Ajala
    • Vice President, Day Program - Jeff Martin
    • Co-Vice President, Evening Program - A.B. Burns-Tucker
    • Co-Vice President, Evening Program - Mary Hellman
    • Vice President, SCALE Program - Laura Lascoe
    • Treasurer - Tanya Laguerre
    • Secretary - Victoria Levin
    • ABA Representative - Isamar Negrete Buitrago


    • Director of Community Outreach & Building - Jaqueline Flores Reyes
    • Director of Academic Affairs - Kirsten Stowe
    • Upper Division Representative: Traditional Day - Emily Goldberg
    • Upper Division Representative: Student Life - Camila Zhao Yingying
    • Upper Division Representative: Family and Work Life Balance - Zeke Hindle 


    • SCALE I: TBD
    • Evening: Thelma Mbazue-Daniel
    • Section A: TBD
    • Section B: TBD
    • Section C: TBD


    • Professor Joerg Knipprath
  2. Student Organizations

    The Student Organizations at Southwestern serve a broad range of interests and are open to all Southwestern students. Each group has its own activities, speakers and events, and participates in school-wide SBA activities. Membership in these organizations provides students with networking opportunities in specific fields as well as the opportunity to meet people who share common interests. Involvement in a student organization is a fantastic way to begin shaping your future legal career.

    Current students, faculty, and staff of Southwestern may view a list of current student organization contacts on the Student Affairs Canvas page (log-in required) in the Modules section, then click on the document titled "Student Organization Contact List.". All others may contact the Student Affairs Office at (213) 738-6716 or for additional information.

    • Armed Forces Law Society
    • Armenian Law Students Association
    • Asian Pacific American Law Student Association
    • BISONG A Capella Group
    • Black Law Students Association
    • Christian Legal Society
    • Consumer Law Society
    • Criminal Law Society
    • Delta Theta Phi
    • Entertainment Law Society
    • Environmental Law Society
    • Homelessness Prevention Law Project
    • Immigration Law Students Association
    •  Intellectual Property Law Society
    • International Law Society
    • Jewish Growth Society
    • Jewish Law Students Association
    • Labor and Employment Law Association
    • Latino Law Students Association
    • Law Journal (Journal of International Law)
    • Law Review
    • Mass Incarceration Awareness Law Society
    • Mindfulness in Law Society
    • Moot Court Honors Program
    • Music Law Society
    • National Lawyers Guild
    • Negotiation Honors Program
    • OUTLaw (LGBTQ+ organization)
    • Persian and Middle Eastern Law Students Association (PMELSA)
    • Public Interest Law Committee
    • The Federalist Society
    • The Southwestern Golf Society
    • Sports Law Society
    • Student Animal Legal Defense Fund
    • Student Bar Association
    • Students for Technology Law & Entrepreneurship
    • Tax Law Society
    • Teen Court
    • Trial Advocacy Honors Program
    • Video Game Law Society
    • Women's Law Association

    The following organizations were chartered in the past by the SBA, but do not currently have leadership in place. The Student Affairs Office can provide assistance to current students who are interested in reactivating any of these groups. 

    • American Association for Justice
    • American Civil Liberties Union
    • Amnesty International
    • Arab Law Student Association
    • Business Law Society
    • Cal at Southwestern
    • Chamber Musicians
    • Contract Law Society
    • Estate Planning Society
    • Family In-Law Student Association
    • Federal Bar Association
    • Health Law Society
    • Howard W. Hunter Latter-Day Saints Law Student Association
    • If, When, How (formerly Law Students for Reproductive Justice)
    • International Justice Mission (IJM)
    • International Students Association
    • Iranian Law Students Association
    • Irish Law Students Association
    • Islamic Law Society
    • Law and Entrepreneurship Society
    • Media Law Forum
    • Native American Law Students Association
    • Public Policy Group of Los Angeles
    • Real Estate and Finance Association
    • St. Thomas More Society
    • South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA)
    • Southwestern Democrats
    • Southwestern Running Club
    • Student Mediation Association
    • Tennis Club
    • Toastmasters
    • Yoga and Mediation Club