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February 15, 2018

SCALE MYTH #3 - SCALE students miss out on externships, honors programs, and campus life.

By: H.S. Hart - First Published Spring 2018
(Part of a series of articles regarding SCALE Myths)

Now you're talking crazy!! SCALE students are not only welcome to participate in all of Southwestern's student organizations, externships and honors programs, they often emerge as leaders and fierce competitors.

Just last fall,  Southwestern's Negotiation Honors Teams swept the ABA Regionals (trust me, that is a BIG DEAL).  SCALE students Dylan Sydneysmith (far left) and Jenny Volatni (third from left) were on the first and second place teams respectively.  

SCALE students spend a lot of time on campus.  They are often spotted together (even when they don't have to be).  Your SCALE cohort becomes your family. These bonds endure law school and extend into professional and personal lives.

Click here to read more about the big Negotiation Honors Team win.

I wanted to be sure to add that the SCALE program includes a guaranteed externship.  You know that saying "there is no such thing as a sure thing?"  That does NOT apply to SCALE externships.  It is also possible to add another semester to your program and do a second externship. See Busted Myth #1.

MYTH: SCALE students miss out on externships and campus life.

SCALE students are an important part of student organizations, honors programs, and are guaranteed an externship.

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Other busted Myths about SCALE: 

It is harder to get accepted to the SCALE program than other Southwestern J.D. Programs

SCALE is an abridged program and doesn't cover all of the core legal concepts