Technology Law and Entrepreneurship Concentration

  1. Eligibility

    Students should register for the Concentration at the end of their first year (end of the third semester for part-time students) and must be in good academic standing. 

    Students completing the program requirements with a GPA in Concentration courses of 3.33 or higher receive a “Concentration in Technology Law and Entrepreneurship with Honors” designation on their transcript. 

    Check back for the Concentration Registration form or stop by the Reg Office.

  2. Curricular Requirements

    Students must take at least 15 units (8 Core and 7 Elective) from the designated course list below.

    Core Courses*  - Students must take at least eight (8) units of Core Courses.  

    Students must take one professional skills course from the following list:

    • Drafting Business Contracts
    • Drafting Technology Agreements
    • Drafting/Negotiating Video Game Agreements 
    • IP Licensing: Law & Practice

    The remaining Core Courses must be from the following list: 

    •  Copyright Law 
    •  Cyberlaw 
    •  Patent Law 
    •  Representing Entrepreneurs 
    • Trademark Law

    Additional units (over eight) in core courses count toward the seven elective units Courses required for the Concentration.     

    Elective Courses* - Students must take an additional seven (7) units of Elective Courses from the following list1 to complete the concentration:

    • Antitrust Law 
    • Business Planning 
    • Developing Web-Based Startups: Merging Law, Business, and Technology (formerly Mobile App Challenge) 
    • Entertainment Law 
    • Entertainment Law & the Evolving Web 
    • Entertainment Law Blog 
    • Externship2
    • Information Privacy Law 
    • International and Comparative IP Law 
    • International Business Transactions 
    • Interviewing, Counseling & Negotiating 
    • Mass Media Law 
    • Mergers and Acquisitions: Law, Strategy, and Finance
    • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 
    • Patent Preparation and Prosecution 
    • Strategic Alliances 
    • Telecommunications Law and Policy 
    • Video Game Agreements 
    • Video Game Law

    *Not all courses are offered every year, and students must meet all course prerequisites and requirements. This Concentration does not change any course prerequisites.

    1With the approval of the Vice Dean and with notice to the faculty, courses may be added or dropped from the Technology Law and Entrepreneurship Concentration elective course list. 

    2Selected externships that are deemed to be pertinent to technology law and entrepreneurship may be individually approved as counting toward the seven (7) units of elective courses required for the Technology Law and Entrepreneurship concentration. 

  3. Student Groups

    Participating in Student Organizations is a great way to enrich the law school experience.  These groups offer support and mentoring programs; sponsor workshops, volunteer and networking opportunities, community outreach projects, cultural and social events, interscholastic competitions, and hundreds of speaker presentations each academic year.

    Groups that may be interesting to Technology Law and Entrepreneurship Concentration students include Business Law Society,  Intellectual Property Law Society, Labor & Employment Law Association, and the Tax Law Society. 

    If there isn't a group that fits your specific interest you may be able to start your own! Please contact the Student Affairs Department for more information.

  4. Career Insights

    The fast-changing environment of high-technology industries creates a demand for lawyers capable of developing and implementing innovative legal strategies.  

    Southwestern is in an ideal location to serve as a pipeline to the hundreds of start-ups, incubators, and tech finance companies in Silicon Beach and the surrounding counties. 

    This certificate program provides students with the legal training they will need to serve these young companies or even to start their own new ventures!

  5. Presentation from the October 10th Informational Meeting

    TLEC Info Cover Page

    Info Meeting Power Point (October 10, 2017)



This specialized program allows students to focus on a rich curriculum emphasizing technology law. The program recognizes that the fast-changing environment of high-technology industries requires lawyers capable of developing and implementing innovative legal strategies. The program prepares students for the 21st Century workforce by allowing them to participate in a structured series of advanced courses including intellectual property, technology law, commercial transactions, corporate structuring, entrepreneurship, and regulatory, administrative and international law, and more...all leading to a Concentration reflecting their acquired expertise.

Upon meeting the curricular requirements (see above), students receive a designation on their transcript acknowledging this Concentration in Technology Law and Entrepreneurship in addition to the student’s J.D. degree. 

Complete the TL&EC Registration Form below and return it to the Reg Office. 

IMAGE TLEC Intent Form

TL&EC Registration Form