Faculty Scholarship

Southwestern faculty research and publish extensively on social justice, equity, identity, discrimination and other topics that connect with Southwestern’s commitment to diversity and inclusion on campus and in our community. 

Here is a list of some of the faculty members and their areas of focus.



Professor Debra Bassett

Professor Debra Bassett: Race and disability/ Hurricane Katrina



Professor Christopher Cameron

Professor Christopher Cameron: Ethnicity/ Latinos/ labor law; disability law



Professor Catherine Carpenter

Professor Catherine Carpenter: Disability/ criminal justice



Professor Dani Hart

Professor Danielle Hart: Inequality, discrimination, civil rights, access to justice



Professor J. Kelly Strader

Professor Kelley Strader: LGBTQ+/ criminal justice



Professor John Tehranian

Professor John Tehranian: Race/ ethnicity/ Middle East/ constitutional law



Professor Bill Wood

Professor William Wood: Federal Indian law




Professor Beth Caldwell

Professor Beth Caldwell: Immigration/ Criminal Justice  



Professor Mark Cammack

Professor Mark Cammack: Religion/ Islam/ International law;



Professor Isabelle Gunning

Professor Isabelle Gunning: Gender, race, and LGBTQ+



Professor Hila Keren

Professor Hila Keren: Gender/feminism  



Professor Gowri Ramachandran

Professor Gowri Ramachandran: Gender/ Employment law



Professor Julie Waterstone

Dean Julie Waterstone: Disability/ education