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Faculty Highlights Feb 2024 feauring Profs Epstein, Garland, Turner, and VanLandingham

March 1, 2024

Faculty Highlights — February 2024

Southwestern Law School professors are not only dedicated educators but also active contributors to legal scholarship and dialogue across various platforms. Here's a look at some of the recent works and accomplishments of our faculty:

Professor Michael Epstein headshotProfessor Michael Epstein has contributed to the Florida International University Law Review with his article, Fiduciary Duty as a Shield For Social Media User Privacy and Platform Policing of Political Misinformation and Disinformation. In this piece, Professor Epstein explores the complex balance between the aggressive monitoring of online speech by social media platforms and the protection of users' right to anonymity. He advocates for the imposition of a fiduciary duty on social media companies to protect the privacy of political dissenters, arguing that such an approach could effectively combat misinformation and disinformation while preserving online privacy.

Prof. Norm Garland headshotProfessor Norman Garland is proud to announce the release of the 6th edition of Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Professional. This latest edition continues to serve as an invaluable resource for both students and professionals in the criminal justice field, offering comprehensive insights into criminal law through a detailed and accessible text, complemented by a thought-provoking cover illustration depicting a courtroom scene.

Prof. Tracy Turner headshotProfessor Tracy Turner, in collaboration with Bradley Yost, our Manager of Institutional Research, has contributed a guest post to the LSSSE Insights Blog titled Digging Into Data: The Gems at the Back of the Bookstore. Through detailed analysis and visual data representation, Professor Turner shares insights into the academic struggles and efforts of lower-performing students, shedding light on the importance of curriculum and assignment structuring to enhance student success.

Prof. Rachel VanLandingham Faculty BioProfessor Rachel VanLandingham has shared her expertise in military justice with a recent blog post for Just Security titled The U.S. Military Moves Closer to Just Military Justice – But More Work Remains. Professor VanLandingham discusses the recent legal reforms aimed at improving the independence and impartiality of military prosecutions. She highlights the progress made while also noting the challenges that remain, advocating for a shift of military cases to federal courts to ensure true justice.