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Image - 2020 Commencement Grand Marshals

May 27, 2021

Meet Southwestern's 105th Commencement Grand Marshals

Returning Grand Marshal Professor Heilman is joined by Professor Knipprath for Southwestern's 105th Commencement. Grand Marshals are elected by the graduating class and have the honor of leading the processional. 

We are excited to see them at Commencement in their full regalia presenting the 2020 graduating class at the Rose Bowl.

Professor John Heilman, a seasoned Grand Marshal, expressed, “I’m so proud of our graduates who completed their law school studies during a pandemic. What an incredible accomplishment to graduate from law school during such a difficult time I’m also amazed that, despite the pandemic, our graduates still helped enhance programming at the law school while dedicating significant hours to community service. I’m honored to be walking with such an incredible group of future leaders.”

Image - Professor Heilman Grand Marshal 2020

Professor John Heilman says...

Celebrating the accomplishments of our graduates a year after they graduated is certainly unusual, but I know we will be celebrating these incredible alumni throughout their entire careers. 


Image - Professor Knipprath 2020 Grand Marshal

Professor Joerg Knipprath says...

"First off, congratulations to the graduates. What is never an easy journey was made so much more difficult by the challenges presented by the reaction to the pandemic this past year and a half. You met those challenges and overcame them marvelously. Second, thank you for bestowing the honor of choosing me as one of your grand marshals. It means a lot to me. Finally, my best wishes to you in your future endeavors, and my thanks also to your loved ones for the help and support you received from them to allow you to achieve your goal today."


Watch the 2020 Commencement live at the Rose Bowl, on Sunday, May 30th, 2021, on our Live Stream here: www.swlaw.edu/2020Grad