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October 2, 2019

Job Talk: The Perfect Thank You Note

These tips will help you draft the perfect thank you note to express your continued interest after an interview and, hopefully, help you land the job!

1. A Handwritten Thank You or an Email?

Short answer? It depends. Handwritten letters are a lost art that shows real thought and can go a long way, but they take a couple of days to arrive. Emails are instantaneous. You won't have to worry if it gets lost in the mail or if it isn't received promptly. Ultimately, what matters is that you send a thank you and the substance of it, not how you sent it.

2. Each interviewer should receive a thank you

Be sure to get the business card of each interviewer at the end of the interview. Personalize your letters! Do not send the same thank you note to both interviewers. They will compare notes.

3. The Basics

Be sure to show your interest in the firm or organization, thank the interviewer for their time, emphasize the qualities that make you best for the position, and mention specifics discussed in the interview that you found appealing.

4. Above and Beyond

Here you can mention something that makes you stand out to the interviewers. It can be something you learned in the interview that made you want to work there or about why you are uniquely qualified to fill the position. You can refer to something you discussed in your interviews, such as a writing sample, or link to work you've done. You can also clarify something that you said during the interview or highlight something that you failed to mention.

5. Keep it short and sweet

Thank you notes should be no more than one page. Typically 250 – 300 words. And be clear what the content is in the subject line.

6. Send it soon

The thank you note doesn't need to be sent as you are leaving the interview, but don't wait too long. Generally, within 24 hours after the interview is acceptable. Be sure to jot down notes from the interview, so you don't forget the details to include in your thank you.

7. Proofread!

You don't want to blow your chance at the job by writing a sloppy thank you note! Double-check all grammar and spelling before hitting send. Additionally, make sure the names, dates, and emails are correct. Be sure the company or firm name is correct, especially if you are interviewing at multiple places.

CSO is always available to look over your thank you note for you. An extra set of eyes will help to make sure you put that best foot forward!

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