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January 17, 2019

NBC asked Professor Dorff to Explain Why Retailers Aren't Bound by Online Prices

Randy Mac,  NBC's I-Team Consumer Investigator and host of "Randy Responds," recently answered a popular e-commerce question:

Are retailers required to Honor Online Prices? 
According to Professor Dorff, "Probably Not."

And while this seems unfair and borderline fraudulent, some retailers (in this case Wal*Mart) will still do the right thing. 

Professor Dorff breaks it down and explains how check-out disclaimers and terms of use policies protect retailers from honoring online advertised prices.   Watch it here


We suspect that the next time you get an "out-of-stock" notice for an online bargain, you'll be checking to see if the item is available at a higher price!

Nice work Professor Dorff!