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November 12, 2018

Carina Miller Named 2018 Guerin L. Butterworth Prize Recipient

Congratulations to Carina Miller on receiving the 2018 Guerin L. Butterworth Prize! The Butterworth Prize is awarded to the SCALE student with the highest grade point average at the end of the first year of SCALE.

The award was presented by Ms. Guerin L. Butterworth, herself, in an intimate reception hosted in Dean Susan Westerberg Prager’s Office.

Image - Carina Miller Butterworth Prize Group Photo

Ms. Miller holds a Ph.D. in Government with a specialty in International Relations from Georgetown. Her interests are in law and policy. Before attending Southwestern, Ms. Miller taught classes on human rights, Latin American Politics, and international law at Occidental College.  Ms. Miller especially enjoys SCALE's rigorous programming and small collaborative environment.

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“Aside from the personal satisfaction of receiving the Prize, it was wonderful to meet Guerin Butterworth since she's such a multi-talented and entrepreneurial lawyer.  Sterling Franklin is big-hearted and a huge SCALE fan, and it's good to know that people recognize SCALE as a really special program.”

- Carina Miller, Butterworth Prize Recipient

 About the Guerin L. Butterworth Endowed Prize Fund:

In 2017, Southwestern announced the establishment of the Guerin L. Butterworth Endowed Prize Fund for the first-year law student in its Two-Year Accelerated J.D. Program (SCALE) with the highest grade point average.  The Fund was established by Mr. Sterling Franklin, a trustee of the Morris S. Smith Foundation and longtime friend of Ms. Guerin L. Butterworth. After finding out that she had been first in her class in her first year in the SCALE Two-Year J.D. Program at Southwestern, Mr. Franklin decided to establish the Fund with a $15,000 gift, in her honor.

Learn more about the Guerin L. Butterworth Endowed Prize Fund here.