Laws I: Legal Writing


The Legal Writing and Legal Research courses are designed to help students develop and practice research and writing skills that are necessary not only to law students but also to practicing attorneys.

The Legal Writing course introduces the purposes, structures, and styles of legal writing. The course also emphasizes principles of clear writing. Written assignments and class sessions focus on such topics as identification and articulation of legal issues, appropriate written analysis of legal issues, organization, paragraph unity and coherence, precision and concision, consistency of tone, and awareness of audience.

All work is evaluated for its organization and development of ideas as well as for its thoroughness, accuracy, and logical consistency.

Legal Research is a vital professional skill that has been closely integrated into the LAWS course. Law librarians teach the research sessions in a hands-on environment in the Library computer labs. Sessions focus on the development of research techniques and strategies that will allow students to uncover the relevant legal authorities needed to complete LAWS writing assignments.