Unscripted TV Production Law



Unscripted Television Production Law Unscripted television, known colloquially as reality television, has nearly twice as many productions as traditional scripted television series. The production process for unscripted television involves issues not present in the production of scripted programs that ordinarily deal with professional actors performing on sound stages.

For example, producing unscripted programming requires vetting contestants/participants for criminal, psychological, and health issues often involving issues that arise from shooting on location and concerning themselves with extensive post-production efforts quite unlike those involved in scripted television production.

This course specifically prepares students to work in unscripted productions. The focus of the course includes the creation of unscripted formats, talent agreements, casting, working with minors, licensing intellectual property, distribution, as well as online and social media engagement.

Prerequisite: Copyright Law (538 or 538A).