Negotiating & Drafting International Entertainment Contracts



This initial part of Negotiating and Drafting International Entertainment Contracts will provide students with the opportunity to learn negotiation principles, techniques and tactics prior to negotiating a television actor agreement with other students in the class. Immigration and talent guild jurisdictional requirements will also be covered as they relate to the negotiation of the actor deal. Students will be asked to draft a deal memo outlining the terms of the deal. The deal memos will be reviewed and compared to those of the other negotiation teams in the class.

The subsequent part of the course will entail an examination of the characteristics of optimal contract language and, ultimately, the construction of written agreements that best reflect the intent of their signatories and beneficiaries, with particular focus paid to entertainment contracts, which are governed by a rich, colorful and highly-evolved palette of laws, collective bargaining agreements and business practices, the various elements and aspects of which can at once be described as altogether theoretical and concrete, precise and ambiguous, linear and multi-dimensional.

The course will further provide a general overview of the flow of contract administration between motion picture and television studios on the one hand and their adversaries/ collaborators at the various talent agencies, law firms and management companies on the other hand.

Students will participate in increasingly complex drafting exercises, and corresponding instructor feedback will be provided in turn.