Generative AI for Lawyers



This course will blend lectures with simulation assignments and class discussions. The course is proposed as Distance Education to be taught synchronously via Zoom in the evening during the Spring 2025 mini-term B. This format and course time will offer students access to multiple programs, e.g. Traditional Day, Evening, and Part-Time programs. This course will explore the emerging field of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and its impact on legal practice and selected areas of substantive law. The course will first introduce students to the fundamental technology, commonly used large language models, and related GenAI tools available to lawyers. The course will then survey a broad array of legal practice, substantive law, and policy topics to illustrate the risks and benefits of GenAI. Legal practice topics include ethics, professional responsibility, uses in advocacy and transactional practice, and the future role of GenAI in law and society. Substantive law and policy topics include intellectual property, media and entertainment law, and governance and regulation of GenAI. Students will engage in experiential and reflective assignments and class discussions designed to prepare them to identify emerging legal issues surrounding GenAI and competently practice law in the age of GenAI.