Copyright Law


This course provides an in-depth study of copyright law and its protection of the intangible property rights of authors.

Copyright law reflects the rich and complex international business framework through which the expression of creative ideas is governed, whether in terms of creation, marketing, distribution, exhibition or litigation.

Knowledge of copyright law has innumerable industry applications and, like trademark law, is of particular and critical importance to both transactional and litigation practitioners in the fields of entertainment, media, fashion, art and technology.

Following the completion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate a foundational understanding of copyright law in the United States, including the prerequisites for federal copyright protection, the duration and character of the rights of authors, moral rights, licensing, and infringement.

Students will apply their knowledge to various issues that arise in the creative, communication and technology industries.

The international aspects of copyright law are addressed in a separate course at Southwestern entitled "International Comparative Intellectual Property Law."

Note: This course is a prerequisite for most of Southwestern's domestic entertainment courses and externship placements.