Mindfulness, Peak Performance, and Wellness Programs


Southwestern is committed to providing an environment that fosters academic excellence and personal success. An important aspect of that mission is our concern for the physical and mental well being of our students. Many resources are available; including a comprehensive set of mindfulness, peak performance, and wellness offerings. Southwestern is the recipient of a generous grant from the Lenz Foundation to fund our on campus contemplative programs, as well as national activities related to the expansion of mindfulness in the law.

Announcing a special issue of the
Southwestern Law Review:
"Mindfulness and Well-Being in Law Schools
and the Legal Profession"

Contemplative practices, including mindful awareness, can help students increase concentration and decrease stress. These long-established and simple practices are proven tools to expand focus for better studying, to help with performance anxiety on exams, and offers benefits for overall stress management in law school and beyond. Here are the specific programs and events for students offered at Southwestern:

Mindfulness, Stress Management, and Peak Performance 1L Program

Southwestern’s Mindfulness, Stress Management, and Peak Performance 1L Program (the Peak Performance Program) is an innovative science-based initiative designed to help incoming students achieve law school success by increasing mental focus, decreasing stress, overcoming performance obstacles, and promoting greater cognitive performance and overall happiness. Students who participate in the Peak Performance Program will learn tangible tools, techniques, and skills that will allow them to optimize their law school performance by enhancing seven elements of peak performance: Attention, Beliefs, Emotions, Body, Energy, Purpose and Communication.

The Co-Directors of the program are Professor Jarrett Green and Professor Rebecca A. Simon. For more information, view the program brochure and the course sessions in sidebar.

Mindfulness Mondays

"Mindfulness Mondays" is a lunchtime program occurring on the last Monday of every month, facilitated by Professor Rebecca A. Simon, and open to all students. The long-term benefits of regularly practicing mindfulness are well established. These sessions provide instruction on how to utilize mindfulness to increase mental focus, decreasing stress, overcome performance obstacles, and promote greater overall happiness. Join the growing community of Southwestern contemplative students who are learning to conquer stress and excel under pressure. Current students can sign up on TWEN by adding "Mindfulness Monday" to their course list.

Mindfulness In Law Society - SBA Club at Southwestern

The national Mindfulness in Law Society (MILS) seeks to improve the mental health and well-being of law students across the nation through mindful practice. Mindful practices in this context include secular meditation and mindfulness in all of its forms, and specifically mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. Professor Rebecca A. Simon is the Executive Director of the national Mindfulness in Law Society, which is now housed at Southwestern Law School with a generous grant from the Lenz Foundation. MILS has chapters at law schools all across the country, connecting law students interested in wellness and contemplative practices and offering centralized resources for those seeking to create or enhance their mindfulness practices and practice effective stress management. For more information on how to join the Southwestern MILS Student Board, or how to become a national member, contact Professor Simon at rsimon@swlaw.edu.

Wellness Week Mindfulness Activities

The Student Affairs Office and the Student Bar Association coordinate a week-long event of stress-management and health education program, including fitness activities, relaxation therapy, and mindfulness offerings every Fall. Look for the Mindfulness table during wellness week and stop by to learn more about techniques for decreasing stress through the practice of mindful awareness.