Image - CLE Southwestern Law School and Chapman University Fowler School of Law invite you to take this free 1-hour CLE course on what makes a successful externship. The self-study course will discuss the results of a year-long multi-school study on externship success, sharing empirical data about what factors make law students first-year practice-ready, and sharing information you can use to help externs with your organization achieve a successful externship experience.

To earn 1 hour of CLE credit, first, watch this brief 14-minute video about the study.


You can also download the documents mentioned in the video:

1) SoCalEx Field Placement Supervision Manual

2) Supervisor Checklist

3) Extern Goal-Setting document

Then, you can download the article about the externship study: Achieving Externship Success: An Empirical Study of the All-Important Law School Externship Experience, and review the Abstract, Section IIA, Section III, and Section IV.

Finally, to earn the self-study CLE credit, take the brief True/False Quiz.

Even if you don’t want or need the CLE credit, we encourage you to watch the brief video and review the accompanying documents for helpful tips on externship supervision.

Thank you very much for your continued support of our externship programs.