Geoffrey Scott

London Summer Faculty

Professor Geoffrey Scott has a wide range of teaching and scholarly interests with a focus on intellectual property and the intersection of artistic expression, scientific invention, and the law. He has given particular attention to domestic and international entertainment law issues with an emphasis on music and rights of personality, the protection of cultural properties in Europe and Asia, and the representation of the individual professional athlete. He received a Fulbright Scholar Award in 2004-2005 to Japan for his research on the protection of cultural and ethnographic properties in Asia, including living national treasures of Japan, and he has been a visiting professor and scholar in intellectual property subjects.

Professor Scott has resided and taught courses in London, UK, and Kyoto, Japan and has given lectures in a number of European venues. Geoff has served as a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London and is currently a Senior Fellow at the Monash University Faculty of Law, Australia. He is the founder and director of the Penn State Arts, Sports, and Entertainment Law Clinic. Professor Scott has published in the fields of law and entertainment, sports, and the protection of cultural property.