Public Interest Programs


Very few experiences match the gratification that comes from making a difference in the lives of people in need, and Southwestern students have many avenues through which they can have that kind of connection to the community. Since its founding, Southwestern has held public interest as a central component of its curriculum and philosophy, and encourages public service through a rich selection of programs, courses, activities and individual pursuits. Being in the heart of Los Angeles' "Public Interest Corridor," Southwestern provides students with opportunities to serve the community that few law schools can match.

Southwestern's expanded commitment to public interest and community service is just one step in the law school's efforts to better integrate the teaching of professionalism and professional skills throughout the curriculum. Participating in public interest work during law school is not only a rewarding way for our students to make a difference in the community, it is a key way for students to cultivate and learn lawyering skills that will be valuable in any career.