International Entertainment Law



This course explores some of the major legal issues that arise in representing entertainment personalities as well as the development, production, distribution, and exploitation of entertainment products in both the domestic and the international marketplace.  

  • Insights into Artistic Growth that Influence Representation and Professional Responsibilities
  • Protection of Celebrity Name and Likeness in the U.S
  • Protection of Celebrity Name and Likeness – International 
  • Domestic Right of Privacy of Celebrities 
  • Rights of Privacy – International 
  • Domestic Protection of Reputation 
  • International Protection of Reputation 
  • Select Issues in U.S. Copyright and Related Rights, including Licensing 
  • Select Issues in International Copyright 
  • The Creative Process – Music 
  • Copyright Infringement of Music – Domestic and International
  • Building and Protecting a Brand - Domestic 
  • International Protection of Brands and Marks 
  • Selling the Idea 
  • Personal Service Contracts – Legal Implications 
  • Music Contracts – Select Legal Implications