Independent Study



Student may earn unit credit by completing an independent study project.

Independent study allows a student with a demonstrated interest in a particular subject to pursue this interest in-depth under the guidance of a full-time faculty member with expertise in the area.

The student is required to submit an independent study petition and a detailed written proposal of approximately two to five pages in length that includes a thesis or hypothesis, a discussion of the importance of the project, and a bibliography of research materials. Prior written approval must be obtained from the sponsoring faculty supervisor and the Associate Dean for Research.

The final written product must be a seminar-style paper of publishable quality of at least 25 pages in length and is due by the end of the semester.

A student in good academic standing may petition to undertake an independent study project. A letter grade for two (2) units of credit will be awarded for successful completion. An independent study project may or may not satisfy the upper division writing requirement.

Only one project may be conducted for credit toward graduation.

Further information about Independent Study may be obtained in the Dean of Students Office.