Family Law Procedure & Practice



This is a hands-on course designed to train students in family law litigation in a mock world setting. The course covers the most common family law issues, beginning with the initial client interview and concluding with a mock family law trial.

Throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity to practice the basic mechanics of a marital dissolution including:

  1. initial client interviews;
  2. preparation of the Summons and Petition with related documents or Response;
  3. preparation of Declarations of Disclosure;
  4. preparation of an Order to Show Cause and oral argument of their motion;
  5. joint settlement conferences ; and,
  6. trial.

Students will be assigned to meet with "clients" so that each "case" is assigned to two students, each representing one spouse. Students will interact with their "opposing counsel" throughout the course of the semester.

The grade in this course will be determined through written motions, oral arguments and the final trial.

Prerequisites: Evidence (140) and either Family Law (546) or Community Property (320).