DUI: Prosecution & Defense



This course provides in-depth, practical training in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) prosecution and defense for future criminal lawyers.

Through a combination of lectures and interactive group exercises, utilizing real case files, students will learn the common charges, allegations, and enhancements they will encounter in both misdemeanor and felony DUI practice, as well as their accompanying jury instructions. Students will learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of real DUI cases, including common 4th Amendment issues. This will enable students to determine the value of a given case for purposes of settlement negotiations, and also to determine the likelihood of success at trial.

Students will learn the most common and effective DUI defenses, and both future prosecutors and future defense attorneys will learn the science behind those defenses well enough to explain them effectively to a jury, as well as how to dismantle and debunk them.

Recommended: Criminal Law (130 or 131), Constitutional Criminal Procedure (135), Evidence (140), and Evidence Law & Practice I/II (140A/140 B).