Drafting Real Estate Transactions



Drafting, Negotiating, and Understanding Real Estate Transactions will be structured around a fictional deal that the course follows from the term sheet phase to the execution of a purchase agreement and due diligence, then the negotiation of a joint venture, the obtaining of financing, and ultimately, acquisition and operation including leasing and construction management.

Each of these topics will be approached from the legal perspective, with a focus on (1) spotting key issues, (2) drafting specific language, and (3) understanding the importance of and potential real-world implications of various legal provisions.

This is not a real estate business course, but it is important to understand your client's business, so we will take some time to discuss various potential business issues as they relate to negotiating the documents.

This course is for those that want to have a career in real estate and/or business transactions - taking the class will help you understand how to navigate each of these documents and the key issues that typically arise during negotiations.

It is also important to note this is a legal practice course not a real estate theory course, and therefore, will focus strictly on the application of drafting principles.

Prerequisite: Property (160)