AI and the Entertainment Industry



This course will provide a survey-level look at the legal and ethical issues arising from the use of artificial intelligence-based tools in the entertainment industry. The course will be taught by a practicing attorney who has expertise in the space and an understanding of current relevant legal issues relating to artificial intelligence as it is developing in the entertainment industry. The course will provide a basic introduction to the underlying technology and its development and use in the entertainment industry. Students will be introduced to relevant legal principles as they relate to the context (such as intellectual property, labor, privacy, and contract law) and will look at current and emerging litigation. The course will also look at the legal and regulatory environment, both domestically and internationally, and the actions taken by the entertainment unions in connection with AI's impact on their members. Legal and societal ethics will also be considered.


Entertainment Law (LAW-540), or Entertainment Industry Guilds (LAW-712E), or Copyright (LAW-538). Must be taken either prior to or at the same time as this course.