Task Force for Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Southwestern Diversity Through the Ages

The Task Force includes a seven-person Coordinating Committee (that will include the Chair of the Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Committee) and seven subcommittees: Programing; Policy; Communication & Law School Outreach; Curriculum; Training; Innovations & Audit; and Koreatown Engagement. A separate document will be circulated in the near future with charges and an organizational chart.

Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Professor Isabelle Gunning
  • Associate Dean Nydia Dueñez
  • Associate Dean Robert Mena

Faculty liaisons, chairs, and subcommittee members: 

  1. Programming

    • Chair: Julia Vázquez
    • Other faculty and staff members: Jenny Rodriguez-Fee, Robert Mena, Oscar Teran
    • Student members: A.B. Burns-Tucker, Laura Ayon, Alin Abrahamian


  2. Policy

    • Chair: Ron Aronovsky
    • Liaison: Jennifer Change
    • Other faculty and staff members: Christopher Cameron, Anahid Gharakhanian, Nydia Dueñez, Marcie Canal, Jessica Johnson


  3. Communications & Law School Outreach

    • Chair: Steven Lopez
    • Liaison: Robert Mena
    • Other faculty and staff members: Dennis Yokoyama, Margaret Hall, Lily Wong, Aridai Martinez, Charlyne Yue
    • Student members: Matthew Behboud, Christy MacLeod


  4. Curriculum

    • Chair: Michael Morse (Alumni)
    • Liaison: Bryce Woolley
    • Other faculty and staff members: John Heilman, Orly Ravid, Julie Waterstone, Wesley Holland
    • Student members: Alex Gonzalez, Carter Nott


  5. Training

    • Chair: Kemba Taylor
    • Liaison: Isabelle Gunning
    • Other faculty and staff members: Beth Caldwell, Danni Hart, Elizabeth Bernstein
    • Student members: Katelyn Marshall, Veronique Linares


  6. Innovations & Audit

    • Chair: Lisa Gear
    • Liaison: Alicia Matricardi (Alumni)
    • Other faculty and staff members: James Britt, Meera Deo, Byron Stier, Della Thompson-Bell, Bradley Yost
    • Student and Alumni members: Abe Bran (Alumni), Madison Shepherd


  7. Koreatown Engagement

    • Chair: Bill Wood
    • Liaison: Nydia Dueñez
    • Other faculty and staff members: Maleaha Brown, Heidy Caceras, Mitzie Vitela, Tamara Moore
    • Student and Alumni members: Jenna Karvunidis, Sara Stogsdill, Jennifer Chang (Alumni), Yealee Song (Alumni)