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Volume 58, Number 4



Association of American Law Schools
Journal of Legal Education

Volume 58

December 2008

Number 4

From the Editors


Better Living Through Legal Education

Can the Professor Come Out and Play? - Scholarship, Teaching, and Theories of Play 481
by Bryan Adamson, Lisa Brodoff, Marilyn Berger, Anne Enquist, Paula Lustbader, and John M. Mitchell
Identifying Predictors of Law Student Life Satisfaction
by Nisha C. Gottfredson, A.T. Panter, Charles E. Daye, Walter T. Allen, Linda F. Wightman, and Meera E. Deo

Editing for Faculty and Students

A Short Essay on the Editing of Cases in Casebooks 531
by Frank Tuerkheimer

Correcting Students' Usage Errors Without Making Errors of Our Own 533
by Eugene Volokh


History and Biography in Legal Education

Medieval Law Should be Taught 540
by Li Xiuqing

John C.H. Wu at the University of Michigan School of Law 545
by Daniel E. Ho and Timothy H. Shapiro
The Ultimate Victory of a Productive Life: Ben F. Johnson, Jr., and African Americans at Emory Law School, 1962-71 563
by William B. Turner  

Book Review

The Language of Law School: Learning to "Think like a Lawyer" - Elizabeth Mertz 579
Review by Kathleen O'Neil

Asylum Denied: A Refugee's Struggle for Safety in America - David Ngaruri Kenney and Philip G. Schrag 587
Review by Nancy Morawetz

Law and Popular Culture: Texts, Notes, and Questions - David Ray Papke, Melissa Cole Essig, Christine Alice Corcos, Peter Henry Huang, Lenora P. Ledwon, Diane H. Mazur, Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Philip N. Meyer, and Binny Miller 597
Review by Michael M. Epstein


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