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The Journal of Legal Education (ISSN 0022-2208) is a quarterly publication of the Association of American Law Schools. The primary purpose of the Journal is to foster a rich interchange of ideas and information about legal education and related matters, including but not limited to the legal profession, legal theory, and legal scholarship. With a readership of more than 10,000 law teachers and about 500 subscribers, the Journal offers an unusually effective medium for communication to the law school world.


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The Journal is co-edited at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston and Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. The co-editors are Dean Jeremy Paul (Northeastern) and Professor Margaret Woo (Northeastern). The contact person at Southwestern is Vice Dean Catherine Carpenter.

The editors welcome unsolicited manuscripts (including responses to articles recently published in the Journal), books for review, and suggestions for improvement of the Journal. Unsolicited book reviews generally will not be accepted. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal must not be under consideration by another publication and are subject to double-blind peer review.

The views expressed in the Journal are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Association, the institutions with which the authors are affiliated, or the editors.

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