The Dean’s Task Force for Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Southwestern Diversity Through the Ages

The Dean’s Task Force for Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging is charged with addressing important issues related to the diversity and inclusiveness of our community. The Dean’s Task Force for Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging has four subcommittees (Training, Programming, Grievance, and Curriculum) comprised of faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The Dean’s Task Force has provided a unique opportunity for all subsections of our community to come to the table to discuss critical issues, those that relate to our sense of belonging, and put into action ways to make positive changes so that all community members feel valued and included at Southwestern.

The 2021-22 members of the task force are as follows:

  1. Communications & Law School Outreach Subcommittee

    Liaison: Tiffani Willis

    Chair: Steven Lopez

    Other members:
    Aridai Martinez
    Angel Porter
    Dennis Yokoyama
    Charlyne Yue
    Lior Behdadnia (Jewish Growth Society)
    Joanna Calderon (Immigration Law Students Association)

  2. Curriculum Subcommittee

    Liaison: Faculty DEI committee chair

    Chair: Michael Morse (alum)

    Other members:
    John Heilman
    Orly Ravid
    Dov Waisman
    Thelma Mbaezue-Daniel (BLSA)
    Chelsea Zaragoza (LLSA)

  3. Innovations & Audit Subcommittee

    Liaison: Alicia Matricardi (alum)

    Chair: Lisa Gear

    Other members:
    Abe Bran (alum)
    Meera Deo (on leave in Spring 2022)
    Byron Stier
    Della Thompson-Bell
    Bradley Yost
    Bruce Kasra (Association of Persian American Law Students)
    Billy Paredes (Christian Legal Society)

  4. Koreatown Engagement Subcommittee

    Liaison: Angel Ajala (SBA president)

    Chair: Bill Wood

    Other members:
    Maleaha Brown
    Jennifer Chang (alum)
    Heidy Caceras
    Maggie Hall
    Yealee Song (alum)
    Mitzie Vitela
    Alixandra Powers (OUTlaw)
    Charlotte Bray (Women’s Law)

  5. Policy Subcommittee

    Liaison: Nydia Dueñez

    Chair: Jessica Johnson

    Other members:
    Elizabeth Bernstein
    Chris Cameron
    Marcie Canal
    Anahid Gharakhanian
    Collin Hu
    Hiba Adda
    Alex Navi (JLSA)
    Jacob Lee (APALSA)

    Ex officio member: Doreen Heyer

  6. Programming Subcommittee

    Liaison: Robert Mena

    Chair: Julia Vázquez

    Other members:
    Alejandra Martinez-Ramos
    Jenny Rodriguez-Fee
    Julie Waterstone
    Andy De La Cruz (LLSA)
    Ani Nazaryan (ALSA)

  7. Training Subcommittee

    Liaison: Isabelle Gunning

    Chair: Kemba Taylor

    Other members:
    Beth Caldwell
    Danielle Hart
    Camila Zhao Yingying (APALSA)
    Veronique Linares (Immigration Law Students Association) Kimberly Hernandez (Women’s Law)