Peggy Farrell

Adjunct Professor of Law / Attorney at Law, Law Office Of Peggy A. Farrell APC

A.B.A., Politics, 1994, Occidental College; J.D., 1999, City University of New York; Member, California State Bar

Joined Southwestern: 2011

Since obtaining her license to practice law in 2000, Professor Farrell worked for several prominent civil rights firms in California and was the Supervising Trial Attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Los Angeles District Office. In addition to working full-time as a litigator, she provided pro bono legal services to homeless youth and persons with or at risk for HIV/AIDS or other harms, including Common Ground, the Westside HIV Center- Homeless Youth & Prevention Project ("HYPE") and the Los Angeles Community Health Project. Peggy also worked on cases with the Disability Rights Legal Center at Loyola Law School and other non-profits.

As the former Legal Director of the HIV/AIDS Legal Services Alliance, Professor Farrell gained wide recognition for her expertise in HIV/AIDS discrimination in employment, places of public accommodation and denial of medical access. She has obtained two seven-figure verdicts on behalf of victims of employment discrimination, including a punitive damages award for the employer's conscious disregard of the employee's rights as well as other significant verdicts and settlements. For the last 19 years she has represented hundreds of employees subject to employment discrimination based on sex/gender, sexual orientation or LGBTQ, persons subject to retaliation because they were stalked, sexually assaulted or abused, due to disability (including HIV/AIDS), race/color, national origin (including language), whistleblower activities and unfair wages.