Interdisciplinary Study in Law and Public Policy with Pardee RAND


On a case-by-case basis qualified students at Southwestern may be approved to take courses in public policy at Pardee RAND and qualified students at Pardee RAND may be approved to take legal courses at Southwestern. These opportunities are intended to provide participating students with a basic knowledge of law and public policy and an understanding of the tools and frameworks relevant to each field.

About Pardee RAND Graduate School

The Pardee RAND Graduate School is unique in American higher education. Founded in 1970 as one of the original eight graduate programs in public policy, Pardee RAND was the only program specializing in the Ph.D. degree. It is also the only one based at a think tank, the RAND Corporation, and is unique in focusing its core curriculum on analytic tools and methodologies including economics, statistics, operations research, and social and behavioral science-research methods.

Application Process

Current students at Southwestern and Pardee RAND who are interested in participating in this interdisciplinary study opportunity should send an email to or call (213) 738-6721.

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