Building Fund


With the acquisition of the Bullocks Wilshire Building in 1994, Southwestern took a giant step into the future. This art deco icon of an illustrious past has added 230,000 square feet of building space to Southwestern's facilities and provided the opportunity to create a true campus environment. Since 1994, Southwestern has spent $29 million preserving the building's historic features and adapting it for academic use. The building now includes the state-of-the-art Taylor library, the second largest law library in California; the Julian C. Dixon Courtroom and Advocacy Center, a technologically-advanced mock courtroom; a 10,000 square-foot Fitness Center; faculty and administrative offices; unique study areas; and multimedia classrooms.

Included in the restoration, the second floor Period Rooms and the fifth floor public rooms (including the famous Tea Room), were restored to their original 1929-era splendor. As a result of that meticulous $2 million effort, the newly adapted areas now serve Southwestern, the legal profession and community organizations with beautiful and unique dining facilities, reception areas and meeting room space.

With the addition of these marvelous facilities, Southwestern is able to offer its students more effective space for the formal study, informal gatherings, cocurricular activities and interaction with distinguished visitors that are as essential to legal education as a comprehensive academic program. This unique setting evokes a compelling sense of culture and history and a timeless sense of place that helps future lawyers to maintain the perspective that they are part of a larger society. It encourages different thinking, inspires creativity, and provides students with a greater sense of purpose.

Southwestern's campus expansion is a major capital investment that requires long-term funding, and there are many ways for donors to make a meaningful contribution. Naming opportunities are available for items as small as a library chair and as large as the Tea Room. Designated gifts of any size to the endowment will help maintain the building long into the future.

For naming opportunities, contact Debra Leathers, Associate Dean for Institutional Advancement.

An Expanding Campus

Funds designated for expanding and improving Southwestern's campus support the restoration, adaptive reuse and preservation of the Bullocks Wilshire Building as well as classroom upgrades and related projects in the Westmoreland Building. A small sampling of named facilities giving opportunities includes:

Bullocks Wilshire Building

$500: Restoration of a display case in the Central Hall 
$500: A chair in the Taylor Library 
$1,000: A stack section in the Taylor Library 
$2,500: A study carrel in the Taylor Library 
$3,000: Restoration of a one-of-a-kind wall clock 
$5,000: Restoration of the 5th Floor mosaic drinking fountain 
$10,000: Faculty Office 
$15,000: Assistant/Associate Dean's Office 
$20,000: Faculty Conference Room 
$25,000-35,000: Seminar Room 
$35,000: 5th Floor Terrace 
$50,000-75,000: "Smart" tiered classroom 
$15,000-250,000: 5th Floor Tea Room, Private Dining Room, and other areas 
$7,500-50,000: Dean's Offices (former office/apartment of John Bullock)

Westmoreland Building

$35,000: Counseling and Negotiation classroom 
$50,000-75,000: "Smart" tiered classroom