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Summer Clerkship Program

The Summer Clerkship Program provides support to our current students by matching them with alumni employers during their summer break.

Benefits for our Students

Southwestern has always been known as the 'lawyer's law school,' graduating students who hit the ground running. Through this program, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience and develop lawyering skills to give them an advantage after graduation. In the end, our students, with this practical legal training, will outshine other law school graduates in this competitive legal market, and they will begin establishing a professional network with alumni and practicing attorneys, which we all know is an invaluable resource. With the help of our alumni, students will also be provided essential financial support.

Benefits for our Alumni Employers

As an alumni employer, you will be getting a trained and eager Southwestern student who will be an asset to your office. The assistance will be extremely cost effective - and you can decide to pay the law clerk by the hour or by a weekly or monthly salary. Law clerks can perform research, draft preliminary versions of pleadings, draft or review contract provisions, assist in the discovery or due diligence process, communicate with clients, or assist with trial preparation, enabling you to focus your own time more efficiently. But you will also benefit from the positive feeling of giving back to the law school and truly making a difference in the future and life of our law students.

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