Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA


Nickel Focused Sub-Committee

This committee helps foster social interaction and professional development between its members. The committee will create opportunities for Nickel members to meet and network with one another, with the expectation to reconnect with former classmates and develop professional contacts with other recent Southwestern alumni. The Nickel Focused Committee will also work collaboratively with the other committees for the purpose of organizing and maintaining a Nickel Club contact network accessible to all members.

Student Focused Sub-Committee

This committee concentrates on the interaction between recent graduates and current students by developing programs, events, and activities to promote networking between these two groups. The committee works closely with current representatives of the various student body organizations. The committee goals are to mentor and prepare students for their first few years in the legal profession and to encourage them to remain active in Southwestern as alumni. Fostering these types of relationships with current students will create pride in their alma mater to build a stronger alumni base for the future.

Career Related Sub-Committee

This committee is focused on career development and related activities aimed at improving the alumni community's legal practice. Events presented will include MCLE events and informational seminars, focused both generally and in specific practice areas, and will also include networking components for panelists and attendees. Future events include a judicial panel addressing common ethical pitfalls for young attorneys and the ABCs of court appearances. Seminars regarding attorney interactions, including how to develop a productive mentor/mentee relationship with the partners and senior associates in your  Nrm, how to interact with co-counsel, and how to deal with diMcult opposing counsel. Along with many great events to follow! Get MCLE credit and develop those important relationships with the Southwestern and Los Angeles legal communities.

Public Affairs Sub-Committee

This committee has two focuses. First, it will increase awareness among Nickel alumni about the law school's existing civic-minded efforts, including the Southwestern Children's Rights Clinic, Immigration Law Clinic and Street Law Clinic. Second, the committee will identify for Southwestern students and alumni pro bono and other civic-minded activities with varying commitment levels. These activities will include participation in programs like Habitat for Humanity, tutoring for youth in need, and exciting fundraising events.