Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Southwestern Law Students' Partners Club

Words of wisdom to a partner or significant others...

Attending law school can challenge any student and the student's entire family. We invite you to join a special group that will help you address a law student's unique set of concerns. If you are married to, living with, or otherwise involved with a law student, consider joining the Law Students' Partners Club.

At the meetings you will meet men and women who are having similar thoughts about the adjustment to the law school experience. Your interaction with these individuals will be rewarding and will help you and your student survive the stress associated with law school.

The Southwestern Law Students' Partners Club is affiliated with the Lawyers' Wives of Los Angeles. It provides social fellowship and support programs through potlucks, picnics, fundraising events, and other fun-filled activities.

Please join us and learn about student life at Southwestern and how you can help YOUR student cope with the tensions of law school and family. The more you know, the better you will be able to understand what the student is going through and how to deal with it.

Students, faculty and staff of Southwestern may view a list of current Student Organization contacts on MySouthwestern (log-in required). All others may contact the Student Affairs Office at (213) 738-6716 or for additional information.