Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Labor and Employment Law Association

The Labor and Employment Law Association's (LELA) goal is to promote interest and involvement in legal and policy issues in the areas of labor and employment as well as to support Southwestern students in their academic and professional endeavors.

LELA hosts on-campus speakers and networking events for students interested in exploring various aspects of labor and employment law. Among our events are roundtable discussions with attorneys from diverse backgrounds, focused on topics that are most important to our members. LELA also offers interested students opportunities to attend educational and professional events.

LELA is equally dedicated to helping its membership achieve academic success and offers support through study aids, student mentoring, and a supportive environment of peers. In addition, information on externship and employment opportunities is available to members.

We encourage your participation and look forward to meeting you. Interested students are encouraged to contact LELA's Faculty Advisor, Professor Christopher Cameron in BW429.

Students, faculty and staff of Southwestern may view a list of current Student Organization contacts on MySouthwestern (log-in required). All others may contact the Student Affairs Office at (213) 738-6716 or for additional information.