Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Family In-Law Student Association

The purpose of Family In-Law Student Association (FILSA) is threefold. Its first purpose is to create a community and network among Southwestern students who experienced foster care in their childhood due to parental inability to provide adequate care. FILSA is also open to those who experienced out of home placement in their childhood, including but not limited to relative and non-relative guardians, residential treatment, group homes, etc. Many of us, having been wards of the courts, shared the government as our common parent and as such we are family by law or "family in-law."

The second purpose of FILSA is to assist similarly situated undergraduate students with obtaining entrance into law school by providing them with the information, resources and moral support that would otherwise be provided by a family.

The third purpose of FILSA is to increase awareness at Southwestern and the broader legal community of Los Angeles in order to counter false assumptions and stigma placed upon people who experienced foster care and out of home placement during childhood.

Students, faculty and staff of Southwestern may view a list of current Student Organization contacts on MySouthwestern (log-in required). All others may contact the Student Affairs Office at (213) 738-6716 or for additional information.