Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Armenian Law Students Association

The Armenian Law Students Association (ALSA) at Southwestern was formed by students of Armenian heritage in an effort to provide a forum for discussion of common interests as well as provide its members with opportunities for both academic and professional advancement. The ALSA also provides an essential avenue for students to meet and establish contacts with other association members as well as members of the legal community.

The Association works closely with the nationwide Armenian Bar Association and the Southwestern Student Bar Association as well as organizations from other law schools in the area. It organizes lectures and seminars by prominent attorneys and judges, as well as social events and academic clinics. The ALSA strives to increase awareness of Armenian concerns within the Southwestern community and to study local and global Armenian issues from a legal perspective. In the past, ALSA members have been very active and involved in both on-campus and community activities.

Activities and Events

  • First-Year Mentor Program
  • Outlining Workshops
  • Exam Preparation Workshops
  • April 24th Remembrance
  • Social Events with Local Law Schools
  • Social Mixers with Local Attorneys

All students are encouraged to join. Interested students may contact the Armenian Law Student Association at for further information regarding upcoming meetings and events.

Students, faculty and staff of Southwestern may view a list of current Student Organization contacts on MySouthwestern (log-in required). All others may contact the Student Affairs Office at (213) 738-6716 or for additional information.