Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA


Academic Affairs Director & Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee connects new students with more experienced upper division law students. Concentrating on student welfare, the Committee organizes and facilitates some workshops to help the incoming 1Ls with their law school transition. This Committee also voices concerns to Southwestern about any Academic Affairs that they would like to see changed. 

Student Life/Off Campus Director & Committee

The Student Life/Off Campus Committee connects the student body with fellow students - socially. This Committee's main focus is organizing and hosting student activities, such as on-campus lunchtime events, and off-campus social events, such as the annual Barrister's Ball. This Committee is also responsible for the SBA's intramural athletic program.

SCALE Director & Committee

The SCALE Committee connects SCALE students with the SBA. This Committee's main focus is organizing and hosting activities specifically for the SCALE students, including time management workshops, networking events, social events and other events that SCALE students would enjoy and help them succeed.

Public Relations/Communication Director & Committee

The Public Relations/Communication Committee keep the SBA and student body connected with one another, with the campus and ABA related topics. This Committee updates any and all social media that helps promote Southwestern, student organizations and the study of law/law practice. This committee has discretion to create new social media, with the approval of the current SBA board.

Other Directors & Committees can be appointed at the discretion of the current SBA Board.