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One Last Exam - Getting Ready to Take the California Bar Exam

The California Bar Exam is the one last exam you need to pass to practice law in California. It is a three-day exam, administered twice a year in February and July. The Bar Exam has three parts: six essay questions, two performance test questions, and 200 multiple-choice questions (the Multistate Bar Examination).

It goes without saying that the California Bar Exam is a difficult test. It is widely considered the most challenging exam in the country. But with almost 160,000 active members, and over 4,500 new members each exam period - the exam is passable. The key to passing is to be prepared, to study hard, and to remain confident. You have honed the skills necessary to pass this exam throughout your law school career, but you should only take the California Bar Exam when you are ready. Passing requires two months of intense studying and careful preparation.

Below are links to information about the California Bar Exam that may help you get ready to successfully take and pass the exam the first time.