Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Admission Criteria

Southwestern's Master of Laws degree program in Entertainment and Media Law is a highly selective and rigorous course of study designed to immerse graduate students in entertainment, media, intellectual property, sports, and art law. Enrollment is limited to applicants who have attained a J.D. degree from a law school that is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. Graduates of other law schools approved by the American Bar Association, and graduates of law schools outside the United States, may be considered for admission on the basis of exceptional credentials.

Admission is determined by the applicant's potential for distinguished performance in and contribution to the program. The applicant's academic record, especially in law school, is of particular importance. Additional factors may include the applicant's professional experience and accomplishments, the institution awarding the baccalaureate and law degrees, recommendations, areas of interest, diversity, and geographic factors.

Generally, successful applicants will have graduated within the top quarter of their law school class and performed at an honors level during their last two years of baccalaureate work. The objective of the admissions policy is to fill each class with the best students from an applicant pool consistent with the high quality standards of the program and the diversity of Southwestern.

The majority of students will be admitted to the campus-based program in the fall semester, but students may begin the program in the spring semester or the summer session, subject to the approval of their course load and course selection.

Application Process

To apply for admission to Southwestern's LL.M. program, prospective students must submit a completed application form, the application fee of $60, a personal statement, at least two letters of recommendation, a current resume, and official transcripts from all law schools (including class rank) and other colleges and universities attended by the applicable deadline. See LL.M. application and summary for more information.

Tuition/Financial Aid

Tuition for the LL.M. program will be at the rate established by Southwestern for J.D. students and in Summer Abroad programs sponsored by the law school. Students enrolled in the LL.M. program are eligible for federal financial aid programs and private student loans.