Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Dean Rollin L. McNitt Housing Scholarship

The Dean Rollin L. McNitt Housing Scholarship (formerly known as the Renewable Housing Scholarship) is a renewable scholarship available for select incoming students who lease an apartment in Southwestern's on-campus housing complex, The Residences at 7th. Dean McNitt was Southwestern's Dean from 1920-1940.

Recipients must meet all initial and renewal criteria for on-campus housing, including completing the application, paying the application fee, posting the security deposit for damage to the apartment, meeting credit criteria for rent not covered by the scholarship (which may be through other financial aid funds), and executing the Housing Contract documents, including any Housing Contract renewal documents. The scholarship is for designated apartments (see Housing Office for specifics) at The Residences at 7th only and is not transferable. The scholarship amount is payable in accordance with the Financial Aid Agreement (as defined in and incorporated into the Housing Contract) and is paid directly to the leasing agent by Southwestern. The student is responsible for any remaining balance each month.

The scholarship award terminates and is not renewable with respect to any unpaid amount if the recipient no longer resides at The Residences at 7th, withdraws as a student, graduates (other than the short period through the end of the then current lease term), takes a leave of absence, breaches the Housing Contract, becomes academically disqualified or is found to be in violation of the student honor code. The scholarship is not deferrable if the student defers enrollment. The scholarship is not applicable to damages, whether for physical damage or damages for unpaid rent or future rent in the event of breach of the housing contract, early termination payments, late charges, fines or other amounts payable under the Housing Contract.

In order for the Scholarship to be renewed for each subsequent academic year, the recipient must, in addition to meeting the eligibility criteria described above, have earned at least a 2.700 cumulative grade point average. This grade point average will be calculated at the following times:

  1. For Day, Evening or PLEAS students, the scholarship is renewed at the time the Official cumulative Law School Grade Point Average (LGPA) is calculated by the Registration and Academic Records Office.  This occurs after all spring grades have been determined.
  2. For SCALEĀ® students, the scholarship is renewed at the time the Official cumulative LGPA is determined by the Registration and Academic Records Office, generally at the end of the first year of the program.

Renewals are limited to the number of terms normally required to obtain a JD degree in the applicable program in which the student is enrolled.

These rules are subject to interpretation by the Assistant Dean of Financial Aid, subject to appeal to the  Senior Associate Dean for Career, Admissions and Financial Aid Services within five days of the Assistant Dean's notification to the student of an interpretation. Southwestern reserves the right to clarify, update or prospectively amend these rules at any time. Housing Contract and Financial Aid Agreement forms are available through the Housing Office.

NOTICE: INCOME TAXATION OF HOUSING SCHOLARSHIPS. Recipients are advised that housing scholarships constitute taxable income for federal and state income tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor. Recipients are responsible for payment of any taxes.

About Rollin L. McNitt
Dean of Southwestern (1920-1940)

Dean Rollin L. McNitt graduated with an LL.B. degree from the University of Michigan, after which he moved to Los Angeles, passing the California Bar Exam in September of that same year. In an interview he gave in 1967, Dean McNitt recounted his early days in Los Angeles: "I came to Los Angeles in July 1912, a new attorney from the University of Michigan Law School. Los Angeles was a thriving community of about 340,000 people. Wilshire was a dirt road. There wasn't much here. But we knew it would grow."

Dean McNitt joined the Southwestern University School of Law faculty in 1916, teaching Constitutional Law, Conflict of Laws on Private International Law, Domestic Relations, and Wills and Trusts, among other courses. He was named acting dean in May 1920, following the resignation of Dean Arthur Abbott, and held the deanship for 20 years. During that time, Southwestern opened its expanded Hill Street campus - a 10-story Italian Renaissance styled-structure commissioned by the school under John J. Schumacher. The building accommodated 4,000 students and included a law library, a law office, bank, store and student lounges. He also organized and presided over the Association of California Law Schools, which promoted legal ethics and higher bar admission standards, which was later absorbed by the California State Bar, and served as president of the Los Angeles Lawyers' Club.

Dean McNitt was an authority on zoning law and served as a member of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission, was the Commission's twice-elected president, and served as president of the Association of City Planners of Los Angeles. When McNitt's second term as president of the Planning Commission expired in 1927, he asked the mayor to withdraw his name from consideration and resigned his post, citing his commitments to Southwestern and to his busy private practice. A resident of of Eagle Rock, he was also a member of the city's Chamber of Commerce, Legal Advisory Board, School Board and served as City Attorney before the city's annexation to Los Angeles.

Dean McNitt had an active private practice and was involved in noteworthy litigation, such as the Julian Petroleum scandal, and a zoning case involving the use of Santa Monica Mountains, in which he cross-examined silent screen star Mary Pickford. He was also a persuasive public speaker and active in politics. He campaigned extensively for Earl Warren's successful run for California Attorney General and for Franklin D. Roosevelt's runs for office. He remained connected to the Southwestern community, as evidenced by some of the guests at his 50th wedding anniversary: California Supreme Court Justice Phil Gibbs, a former Southwestern faculty member and Associate Justice Rey Schauer '16. Also in attendance was Judge Charles McCoy, father of current Southwestern adjunct professor Charles McCoy, Jr. Following Dean McNitt's passing, a collection of his archival letters and articles were given to Southwestern by his son.