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Workshops, Seminars & Programs

Throughout the year, the Career Services Office (CSO) hosts numerous workshops and seminars to educate students on career development topics. For a specific schedule of events, please check with the Career Services Office calendar.

CSO's career calendars may also be downloaded:

  • Calendar for First-Year Students (PDF Forthcoming)
  • Calendar for Continuing Students - Fall (PDF Forthcoming)
  • Calendar for Continuing Students - Spring (PDF Forthcoming)


Marketing Materials 101: Resume, Cover Letter, and Writing Samples
(August and January)

This workshop discusses the importance of your "marketing package" and talks about how to put together a winning resume, cover letter, and writing sample. Step by step details are discussed including how to present your qualifications, overall content, legal format, and how to make non-legal experience attractive to a legal employer.

How to Participate in the On-Campus Interview Program

Each year, Southwestern hosts a large number of employers seeking to employ students. The CSO holds a mandatory review of participation guidelines and demonstrates the use of our internet based recruiting system,

Mock Interview Program

Register with the CSO, and you will be paired with a practicing attorney to conduct an interview. Students are given the name and employer of the interviewer ahead of time, and they are to perform research and attend the interview, as though it were real, at the employer's office/firm. Students have the option of having the interview recorded. Afterwards, the interviewer will critique the student and provide helpful tips on how to improve interview skills. Complete and submit the online 2015 Mock Interview Program Form to participate.

Interviewing Techniques
(August, September, January, and February)

A winning resume may get you the interview, but it is the interview that will get you the job! Step by step instruction is given including pre-interview research, responses to commonly asked questions, as well as appropriate dress and decorum. This workshop discusses ways to effectively market yourself in the interview setting, including how to respond to difficult or illegal questions. Also included, is a discussion on how to dress for the legal interview.

Career Services for the 1L Student

This is the first introduction to the CSO for 1Ls. CSO programming and events are discussed, as well as some general tips for how to get the most out of your law school experience from a career development perspective. 

Career Development Action Plan for 2L Students

Your 2L year is the time to think strategically about your long term and short term career goals.  By attending this interactive workshop you will walk away with an individual career development action plan to help you focus on the next steps for success.

Public Interest Career Day Orientation

This is a mandatory workshop for any students participating in Public Interest Career Day in February. Hosted at UCLA and co-sponsored by Southwestern, this career day provides an opportunity for students to network and interview with over 100 public interest, government, and law firm employers. This Orientation session discusses participation guidelines, funding options, and hiring criteria.

Summer Options and Opportunities

This is a "must attend" event for every first year student! An in-depth program with faculty and administrator panelists, this seminar presents all of the options first year students have for their first summer. There are presentations on summer school, summer abroad programs, externships, public interest positions, working as a Research Assistant for a professor, volunteer opportunities, and law clerk positions.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

A panel of upper division students discuss their summer experiences including law firms, public interest, in-house, and government.

Public Interest and Post-Graduate Fellowships


If you are interested in pursuing a post-graduate fellowship after law school, this is the workshop for you. These one and two year fellowships are a great way to break into public interest or other areas, such as international law, public policy, and the like. 

Post-Graduate Judicial Clerkships

This workshop discusses the benefits of obtaining a post-graduate judicial clerkship.  The entire application and interview process are covered including new application deadlines and on-line application procedures.

ABC's of Being a Law Clerk

This workshop discusses tips and strategies for getting the most out of your summer clerking experience. Topics include: approaching research assignments, making the most out of a mentor relationship, how to "bill" your time in a defense firm, and how to obtain and process feedback regarding your work.

Alumni Resource Network Mixer Events
(Spring Semester)

In the spring semester, the CSO hosts at least one Attorney-Student Mixer in collaboration with the ARN. This is a casual, fun way to network and mingle with practicing attorneys and discuss the practice of law and anything else that comes up! The events are held on the BW second floor, and there is always food, beverages, music, and good conversation.


Career Services Seminar

To provide students with an overview of law practice in specific fields, the Career Services Office sponsors a series of panel discussions featuring leading practitioners from the public and private sectors. Students have an opportunity to listen to and network with many prominent practitioners discussing their work in film financing, distribution and merchandising; television and cable industries; multimedia and on-line services; the music industry and life in an entertainment law firm. Some of the seminars offered during the year include:

How to Start Your Own Law Practice

Professor Ira Shafiroff, a Southwestern alumni, who started a successful practice immediately after graduating from law school, presents this seminar. Professor Shafiroff gives practical tips regarding starting, building, and maintaining a successful solo practice.

Practice Area Exploration Panels - Off the Record With
(September, November, February & March)

Panels of practicing lawyers visit campus to discuss practice areas with students. Panelists usually give prepared comments about what it is like to practice in their area of the law, and then there is a question and answer session at the end. 

Southwestern Bar Association Fair

Bar Fair
In conjunction with the Student Bar Association, the CSO sponsors a unique Bar Association Fair. The Fair brings representatives from more than 30 specialty, ethnic and area bar associations throughout Southern California to campus to meet informally with students. Recent programming has also included hosting the Hispanic National Bar Association Regional Conference, the annual Southern Regional Black Law Students Association Job Fair, and the Langston Bar Association Mentor Program; and the presentation of speaker panels and discussion groups during Southwestern's Public Interest Law Week.