Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

July 18, 2013
June 2013 Student Housing Construction Update

The penultimate month of construction saw progress at multiple levels - installation of electrical service, fire-life-safety systems, cabinets, counter tops, finished plumbing and electrical fixtures, lighting, signs, interior flooring and elevators. Meanwhile, on the exterior, the decking was prepared and begun; the barbeque was built; the planters finished; soil and trees put into place; sidewalks, curbs, gutters, gates, walkways and street improvements were constructed; and exterior stone selected and fabrication begun. Cleaning of windows and ledges began as painting and plastering wrapped up.

Housing Construction Overview

June 5: Aerial view shows site work underway.

Granite inspection

June 5: Project Team inspect granite blocks at fabrication facility in Quebec, for stone veneer surrounding the base of the building. A highly sought-after black granite with fine white variations called Virginia Mist was selected and ordered.

Pearl and Business Center

June 5: Architect Tony Stark points to details around first floor business center and "Pearl" student lounge.

Business Center

June 5: Business center takes shape. Fountain and landscaped area is being readied in background.

Pearl Lounge

June 5: The Pearl Lounge nears completion, with its two-story ceilings and glass walls now installed.

Curvilinear design

June 5: Open corridors and distinctive curvilinear design of the central student lounge come into stark relief against a summer sky.

Windows are cleaned

June 5: Windows are cleaned as waterproofing is applied to support planters and fountain.

Steel trellis over bbq

June 5: Welder assembles steel trellis over the barbeque.

Deck concrete

June 5: Finish deck concrete has been laid in the lobby area. Openings for mailboxes appear at left.

Pearl Student Lounge

June 5: The Pearl student lounge, an architectural centerpiece of the complex, receives exterior finishing touches, as the landscaped area to the left has been poured and readied for earth and plants.

Waterproofing final testing

June 12: Water covers the deck, as the waterproofing undergoes final testing.

Kidney-shaped planter

June 12: Workers complete kidney-shaped planter around southeast end of student lounge.

Exit signs

June 12: Exit signs and fire life safety systems are installed and tested.

Detail of stairs

June 12: Final steel supported broom-finished concrete stairs with aggregate safety strips are installed throughout the complex.

New widened sidewalk

June 12: The new widened sidewalk along 7th Street has now been installed, awaiting tree plantings later in the month. Granite will cover the base walls of the building and planters along the street.


June 26: Mailboxes have been installed in the ground floor lobby.

Palm trees

June 26: Palm trees have been planted along the northern perimeter of the building.

Grasscrete pavers

June 26: The "grasscrete" pavers have been installed in lower Westmoreland, as soil is stockpiled for eventual grass plantings which will continue the Westmoreland Promenade to 7th Street.

Light fixtures

June 26: Light fixtures have begun to be installed, continuing the architectural detailing which distinguishes the project.

Deck surface

June 26: The deck surface begins to be installed, with four different concrete finishes, and varying sizes, as seen at right.

Unit doors

June 26: Unit doors are all in, each with a distinctive color palette keyed to different areas of the building, with polished aluminum frames and hardware.

Trees on border

June 26: Trees are planted along the northwest border of the property.

Framed bbq

June 26: The barbeque is framed and readied for concrete pour.

Housing construction overview

June 30: Aerial view shows progress in installation of walkways, decking surfaces, barbeque and landscaping.