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New Issue of JIMEL Showcases Perspectives of British, Argentine and Canadian Legal Scholars June 19, 2013
New Issue of JIMEL Showcases Perspectives of British, Argentine and Canadian Legal Scholars

Volume 4, Issue 2 of the Journal of International Media and Entertainment Law (JIMEL), published in conjunction with the American Bar Association's Forums on Communications Law and the Entertainment and Sports Industries, is now available. According to Professor Michael Epstein, the Journal's supervising editor, this is the first time all contributors are scholars based outside the United States.

Professor Henry Lydiate, a British scholar-practitioner in art and museum law who also teaches in the Biederman Institute's Summer Program in London, leads off with a comparative analysis of the cultural and legal issues relating to the enforcement of artists' rights. Written from the perspective of an art law historian, Lydiate applies his insights to his own experience as an attorney immersed in international Star Wars enforcement actions.

An article by Emilio Cárdenas, the former Argentine Ambassador to the United Nations and an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan Law School, shares recent developments in Argentina's media laws. Amb. Cárdenas offers a clear-eyed examination of the current state of press freedoms in that country based on eye-witness accounts of press discrimination.

Rounding out this volume, Lisa Macklem '11, a graduate of Southwestern's LL.M. program in Entertainment Media Law who specializes in Canadian and U.S. copyright law, offers a comparative analysis relating mash-ups and re-mixes by recording artists. Macklem, an emerging scholar at the University of Western Ontario, focuses on the challenges these creative compositions have presented to the law of both countries, and changes in the Canadian approach within the last year under the new Canadian copyright act and five Canadian Supreme Court cases.

As the Journal prepares for Volume 5, the editors have a lot on their plate, including an international conference on drone technologies in February. More details on that event will be posted in the Fall.