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Professors Dorff and Grimes Share Newsworthy Perspectives May 23, 2013
Professors Dorff and Grimes Share Newsworthy Perspectives

Major syndicated columnists and business newswires recently turned to Professor Michael Dorff and Professor Warren Grimes for their expertise on major business issues in the news.

Professor Dorff has studied the controversial phenomenon of exorbitant CEO pay for more than a decade. With a new book on the subject slated for publication early next year, he shared his views on the shifting metrics of performance-based executive compensation with syndicated columnist Al Lewis of Dow Jones. In his forthcoming book Indispensable and Other Myths: The True Story of CEO Pay (University of California Press), Professor Dorff explains why most prominent proposals to reform CEO pay will not work. Lewis' column appears in the Wall Street Journal/Marketwatch, Fox Business News, the Denver Post, and numerous other outlets.

Thompson Reuters News and Insight featured Professor Grimes' concerns about the U.S. cable industry and how subscribers are being overcharged more than $34 billion a year as the result of a distribution system that forces TV watchers to pay for large bundles of unwanted channels in order to get the ones they do want. In his article in progress, "The Cable Television Case: A Giant Step Toward Antitrust's Irrelevancy?" Professor Grimes estimates the $34 billion figure by comparing it with the cable TV system in Canada, where consumers have the ability to choose more to their preferences.