Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

May 13, 2013
April 2013 Student Housing Construction Update

The Residences at 7th continued to reveal its architecture with scaffolding coming down on the exterior west facade, alabaster stucco finishes nearing completion around the remainder of the exterior and completion of the model unit. Interior work progressed with closets, bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets installed throughout, as plasterers put finishing touches on walls and flooring contractors poured and smoothed gypcrete subflooring in the upper units.

Construction Overview

April 1: Month begins with completion of mud coat followed by finish coat application.

Construction Overview

April 30: Month ends with building shape and design elements emerging.

Framing for BBQ

April 3: Carpenters install framing for the barbeque.

Landscape Planters and Benches

April 3: Landscape planters and benches are framed around the future grassy courtyard.


April 3: Kitchen cabinets, sink and granite countertop are installed in the model unit.


April 3: Sink awaits countertops and installation in model unit bath vanity.

Model Closets

April 3: Closets are installed in the model unit, featuring plenty of storage with pull-out drawers, open shelves and hanging rods.

Skylight openings

April 3: Skylight openings bring in natural light on all floors, as in this ground floor lobby area near the leasing and security offices.

Stucco finish

April 3: Stucco finishes begin to be applied to lobby area where post office boxes will be installed (on the left).

Gypcrete for flooring applications

April 10:  Workers mix gypcrete for flooring applications.

Electrical light fixture boxes

April 10: Electrical light fixture boxes are installed in the planters.

Putting on protective booties

April 10: CFO Paul Kalush puts on protective "booties" as others wait in line for tour of newly completed model unit.

Model Unit Kitchen

April 10: Model unit kitchen with appliances and fixtures now installed.

Kitchen sink

April 10: Everything but the kitchen sink? The model unit now has that, too.

Inspecting the washer/dryer

April 10: COO Janice Manis inspects washer and dryer in model unit.

Bathroom vanity

April 10: Bathroom vanity with contemporary sink fixture, granite counter and flooring now complete. 

Model unit tub/shower

April 10: Model unit tub/shower is completed, with fixtures including curved shower curtain rod.

Finished interior facade

April 10: Nothing but blue skies. The finished interior west facade evokes a Mediterranean resort when seen against the backdrop of Southern California's clear blue skies.

Newly poured gypcrete sub-flooring

April 10: Newly poured gypcrete sub-flooring in upper level unit.

Cutting window frames

April 10: Worker cuts metal window frames to size for custom work around Pearl lounge and study rooms.

White stucco finish begins to show

April 18: White stucco finish begins to show beneath remaining scaffolding as exteriors of Pearl lounge and ground floor courtyard units near completion.

The Pearl

April 18: The Pearl begins to reveal its distinctive eponymous character.

Elevator installation begins

April 18: Elevator installation begins.

Elevator installation continues

April 18.  Elevator Cab 2 installation continues at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Interior dry-wall

April 18: Two-story interior of the Pearl is dry-walled in, ready for finish plaster and paint.

Floor to ceiling glass wraps

April 18: Floor to ceiling glass wraps around the corners of the northwest two-bedroom unit living rooms.

Scaffolding is removed

April 18: The street view improves daily as scaffolding is removed from the Shatto Place side and finish coat is applied around the 7th Street facade.

The distinctive radius curve

April 18: The distinctive radius curve and the 7th Street frontage begin to take final shape.

Construction workers apply alabaster finish coat

April 25: Construction workers apply alabaster finish coat to remaining walls.

Planters and walkways

April 25: With scaffolding now removed, the building design features emerge soon to be enhanced by planters and walkways.

Removal of scaffolding

April 25: What a difference a week makes! The Pearl is revealed after removal of the scaffolding.

View of courtyard

April 25: Study Room 6 is a room with a view of the soon to be completed courtyard.

Signature apartment windows

April 30: Signature apartment unit windows reflect the surrounding campus trees and gardens.