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Intramural Competition's Top Writers Honored for Impressive Work May 08, 2013
Intramural Competition's Top Writers Honored for Impressive Work

As a part of this year's LAWS Intramural Competition, a special reception was held on April 21 to honor those students identified as the top writers. Out of the 340 briefs submitted by the first-year students, 12 were selected to receive Outstanding Brief Writer awards and 26 were identified for Honorable Mention Brief Writer honors.

During the informal reception's program, Professor Tracy Turner, Director of LAWS, said the students being recognized "went above and beyond what was even necessary for a good grade." She reminded them, "Don't let your LAWS class end here - keep enhancing your writing skills," as she emphasized that the skills they honed and should continue to refine will set them apart in the profession.

Shinaan Krakowsky '81The afternoon's keynote speaker, Shinaan Krakowsky '81, was thrilled to be a part of recognizing the importance of legal writing and honoring this year's writers. "Writing is something that is extraordinarily important in your career," he said. Himself a past winner of Southwestern's intramural competition, he went on to stress that writing and oral advocacy are definitely different skills, but "writing is the foundation of all of that."

Although the intramural competition only consisted of Moot Court when he competed, he specifically noted that the only way to perform well in any form of advocacy, in addition to knowing all the facts, is with good legal writing. "You write in emails, letters, legal memorandum, briefs - all sorts of things that depend on your skills in writing the best, most concise, convincing way. Plus, with the current state of the justice system, most judges base their initial decision on the papers only. You might not have a chance to influence a judge with oral advocacy." A former chair of the Moot Court Honors Program, Mr. Krakowsky established the Bill M. Krakowsky Family Scholarship Endowment Fund at Southwestern in honor of his father to recognize outstanding achievement in the Moot Court program.

The students were honored in each of the three tracks as follows:


Outstanding Brief Writers
Ara Baghdassarian
Robert Borowski
Rebecca Eckley
Lauren Fierro
Lindsay Hay
Danielle Krauthamer
Rebecca Magenheim
Andrew Pruitt

Honorable Mention
Nakisa Adl
Zhanna Alayan
Alison Asaro
Lilliana Barzaga
Britnee Branch
Tamar Eliasi
Kelsey Fisher
Brandon Intelligator
Derek Johnson
Joshua Krauss
Ruben Limondzhyan
Carly Sanchez
Ashley Scott
Whitney Strachan
Michael Yerzinkyan
Tiffany Yu


Outstanding Brief Writers
Yi-Hsuan Lin
Matthew Papa

Honorable Mention
Haley Golding
Lisa Gualderon
Kevin Javidzad
Jaye Kasper
Vardan Ksachukyan
Mai To


Outstanding Brief Writers
Geoffrey Cleveland
Stephanie Williams

Honorable Mention
Amy Ho
Monique Moncayo
Michelle Rahban
Matthew Sahak

Top Appellate Advocacy Brief Writers
Appellate Advocacy

Top Negotiation Brief Writers

Top Trial Practice Brief Writers
Trial Practice

(Not all honorees listed were in attendance/pictured.)